Kendor offers a variety of Consulting and Training services, each designed to address some particular aspect of people management and development.

Business Restructuring

At Kendor our restructuring efforts involve implementing transformational change as a business strategy or in response to technology or fast changing global markets. Restructuring efforts may focus on the whole business or one or more departments. We have adopted tried and tested methodologies combined with Strategic Change Management competencies to enable us deliver the transformation and results desired by our clients.

Compensation & Payroll Management

Many organizations do not know that compensation can play a strategic role in their people management practices. By examining your organization strategy we will proffer sustainable solutions to attracting and retaining the right people for your organization. A range of compensation services are available including: salary surveys, incentive systems, payroll accounting and administration, salary structures, merit pay systems, job evaluation, job ranking and grading design. We provide expertise from design to the implementation of total compensation systems.

Organisation Design & Development

Kendor has experience in diagnosing and designing solutions that enable organisations perform more effectively. Our experience includes areas such as management or team building retreat facilitation, corporate restructuring, business transformation and mission/vision statement development. Our well researched and tested techniques and tools are key to the successful delivery of our services.

Business Process Audit & Review

The first step to improving business processes, procedures or workflow is undertaking an audit and review exercise to identify gaps, issues or problems pertaining to the existing processes. Our process audits involve process mapping, documentation & evaluation of key processes. Following the process audit, we are able to give our clients the most appropriate recommendations, ensuring value creation through more efficient process execution.

HR Policies & Procedures

Kendor can create, review, or provide assistance with the preparation of new or existing management policy and procedures manuals, Employee handbooks, HR forms and job descriptions.

Human Resources Review

Kendor can prepare a comprehensive review of your HR practices, structure, people and processes and identify areas where organizational response meets best practice or requires necessary revisions to deliver on strategy.

HR Alignment Implementation

Kendor’s HR alignment implementation services focus on implementing the agreed HR programs and initiatives that may have been developed after an HR review . The benefits are a function that is equipped to meet the strategic objectives of the organization and a workforce that can deliver on strategy.

HR Information System Implementation

Kendor will assist and support the selection and implementation of the best fit HR Information system to support your business objectives. We have partnered with experienced and competent HRIS solution providers and will manage the smooth implementation and transition to the new system.

Recruiting & Outsourcing

Kendor can provide recruiting, selection criteria, screening, testing and reference checking services that are tailor made to deliver solutions that are aligned to the strategic direction of the organisation. We provide outsourcing services for firms that want to outsource parts or all of their HR function and processes. This option suits a lot of our smaller clients who do not yet have the capacity to operate a fully functional HR department. It also suits clients who have decided to outsource certain non core business processes.

Developing HR Strategy

Kendor knows that all HR Management practices should be designed to support an organization’s key business priorities. Our philosophy is based on the understanding that people are vital to the organisation’s success. An important element in our process is how an organization translates its mission and goals to the employees in order to reinforce the knowledge, skills and attitudes required to support the business achieving it’s strategic objectives.

Performance Management System

Kendor knows that management is measurement and anything you cannot measure you cannot manage. That is why we design and implement performance management systems that drive the optimal performance of employees and organisations. Our systems are designed to reward behaviours that drive success while discouraging negative behaviour and poor performance.

Competency & Career Management

Kendor understands that employee performance is strongly linked to the employee’s level of competence. We will assist your organisation in determining the knowledge, skills and levels of ability required for employees to perform their jobs optimally. Our experience in competency framework development ensures that training and developmental needs required to close competency gaps are met in a systematic and effective manner.

Change Management

Kendor understands the dynamics of change and what must be done to ensure successful change programmes. Kendor assists organizations by facilitating change projects, developing change management plans and aiding redesign of current structures, teams, or jobs to reflect the future environment.

Coaching & Mentoring

Kendor supports clients by working with executives, senior managers, or teams for more specific effective job performance. We can either help your organization set up a coaching and mentoring program or we can help individuals identify the gap between where they are now and where they want to be and facilitate a coaching or mentoring activity to close these gaps.


Kendor’s expert facilitators are able to work with management team and functional groups to aid in discussions, idea development, or building new frameworks within the organization. We bring value to strategy and planning sessions, retreats, team building, training and workshop programs.

Training & Development

Kendor provides a range of training and development programs customised to fit the needs of our clients. Our facilitators are experts and practitioners in their field and understand the dynamics, principles and application of adult learning tools and techniques. View details of our training services.

Team Building

Kendor is an expert in delivering team building solutions that foster team work while addressing management and people concerns. Our solutions offer workshop and outdoor based games and team activities. Our focus is to deliver an event to remember while equipping participants with competencies that enhance teamwork and collaboration.

Discuss HR Forum

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