Payroll Service

Our Payroll service provides peace-of-mind to clients who want to ensure accurate, timely and compliant payroll systems. Our clients do not have to worry about meeting statutory deadlines or uncertainty about the accuracy of their payroll computation. On a monthly basis, we provide your organisation with payroll reports, employee pay slips in addition to making statutory remittances on your organisation’s behalf.

Service Description  
Optimise your payroll structure for efficiency
Monthly computation of employee payroll
Provision of monthly payroll report which includes; employee pay, pension, tax and National Housing Fund (NHF) schedules
Provision of employee pay slips
Monthly remittance of statutory payments to relevant authorities
Record keeping of monthly schedules and receipts of all remittances


Payroll Pricing

Set up Fee: NGN 150,000 + VAT one off payment to cover initial consultation with your management

Requirements for Set up

  1. Your organization must have a registered entity in Nigeria i.e Company incorporation with CAC
  2. Your organization must be registered with the state tax office
  3. Provide us with a schedule of employees with Employee details such as Full Name, ID Number
  4. Provide us  with employment letters  for each employee stating their compensation details

Monthly Payroll Fee

  • Up to 5 employees NGN 50,000 + VAT  per month
  • 6 to 10 employees  NGN 60,000 + VAT  per month
  • 11 to 20 employees NGN 90,000 + VAT per month
  • 20 to 30 employees NGN 120,000 + VAT per month

End of Year Filing/Tax Clearance

  • NGN10,000 per employee

If you would like to combine our Payroll service with any other service, please call us for a customised quote. For more information call us on 01 3425779 or email us